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Bird Songs of the Central Boreal Forest: Ontario and Manitoba including Churchill... 2 CDs $26 includes mailing or MP3 download $9.99

Keywords for Search Engines: Some of the best bird sounds and calls recorded by John Neville. His website is all about birds and how he captures the sound and wonder of and bird songs in their natural environment. The Nature of bird audio calls, an archive of some of the best bird songs captured, suitable for identification and enhancing your skills to ID birds from a massive digitally recorded library made public through CD and digital mp3 downloads. Available online to a worldwide audience in Europe and North America, Austrailia, New Zealand, Ontario, throughout Canada, British Columbia, Alberta Prairie and Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and even the Northwest Territories along the Demster Highway. Listen to radio interviews with John Neville who is know to capture his live recordings at dawn when the chorus of bird songs reach a crescendo,learn to listen and distinquish each call through his professional recordings. Some free samples are shared on this web site.

All the bird songs of Canada and the Northern United States